Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies Program

Irfan Hasanuddin and Yayan Rahayani

Two new graduate programs have been developed in Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies, one at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah in Jakarta and the second one at UIN Sunan Kalijaga in Yogyakarta. The Jakarta program focuses on Islamic Studies and Social Sciences. The Yogyakarta program on Islamic Studies and Social Work. The first group of students ( 12 Jakarta and 13 Yogyakarta) began in September 2003. They are two-year programs for an S2 (MA) degree. The first term was taught by Indonesian professors. McGill provided the teaching staff for the second term (February - April 2004). In July 2004, the students came to McGill for a summer program.


Zaky Nur’aini,  Jamilah, Yayan Rahayani
Zaky Nur’aini, Jamilah, and Yayan Rahayani

Visiting Professors - Alan Patten (Visiting Professor, Political Science), Philip Buckley (Visiting Professor, Philosophy and John Hall (Dean of Arts) in a seminar at UIN Jakarta

Welcome party

Back - Zaki Nur'aini, Rosita Tandos Middle - Mashlihatul Umami, Jamilah, Suparwani, Widayanti, Aida Husna Front - Yayan Sudiana
Left to right - M. Irfan Hasanuddin, Supardi, Sudirman, Baso Ahmad Zaky

Farewell to Interdisciplinary students

Philip Buckley, Academic Director for the Project, presents certificate to Dani Mutada
M. Irfan Hasanuddin,, Suparwani, Liana Aisyah, Siti Hazinah Mubarokah, Sri Widayanti, Zaki Nur’aini , Nina Hamidah
Dani Muhtada, Nina Hamidah, Aang Abu Bakar, Liana Aisyah, Yayan Rahayani, Salamah Agung Front - Yayan Sudiana
Back - Mashlihatul Umami, Liana Aisyah, Zaki Nur'aini, Nina Hamidah, Jamilah Middle - Suparwani, Sri Widayanti, Rosita Tandos, Aida Husna Front - Toton Witono
Jennifer Proudfoot,  Salamah Agung, Nina Hamidah dancing
Jennifer Proudfoot, Salamah Agung, Nina Hamidah dancing

Students in IIS program – Cohort 2

The second group of students in the Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies Program at UIN Jakarta taken when Philip Buckley was the Visiting Professor in February.

Students in IIS program – Cohort 2
Students in IIS program – Cohort 2

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