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Important Dates

  • Professor Marie-Claude Gaudet (far right) instructs a group of second-year Physical Therapy students as they apply electrical stimulation.
  • Kobe Lin preps for back-to-school mania in the McGill University Bookstore.
  • Mark Hagen hits the books on McGill's lower campus "beach" area.
  • Rashi Bindra works toward her Diploma in Management and Entrepreneurship in the Centre for Continuing Education.
  • Kyle Kaplan works on a chorale for his Tonal Theory and Analysis course in the Schulich School of Music's Marvin Duchow Music Library.
  • Rebeccah Frasier, McGill School of Environment, is researching greenhouse gas emissions from forest soils in southern Quebec.
  • Jade Vandenbossche-Makombo, U2 Education, studying in the Education Building on McTavish Street.
  • Kate Mathers, U1 Chemical Engineering, finds the perfect patch to work on her summer course, Geology of the Environment.
  • Johanna Rasplus, Arts undergrad, keeps warm on a cold winter morning.
  • With thirty minutes left, students make final revisions to their exams.

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