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Celebration! Congratulations to Dr. Ketchum's Books Launch


Published: 3Oct2022
Dr. Ketchum's newest book cover, Ingredients for Revolution
Dr. Ketchum's newest book cover, engage in public scholarship


On Wednesday November 9th, IGSF Faculty Lecturer Dr. Alex Ketchum will speak about her two books Engage in Public Scholarship!: A Guidebook on Feminist and Accessible Communication and Ingredients for Revolution: A History of American Feminist Restaurants, Cafes, and Coffeehouses , both published in 2022. In this talk, Dr. Ketchum will elaborate on the links between these two projects and speak to concerns of knowledge mobilization, public engagement, and publishing practices. The presentation will be followed with socializing and a pizza party. For more details about the celebration event, please check our event page.

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