Fall 2021

Caroline Running Wolf and Michael Running Wolf on Indigenous AI (Online)


(Virtual/ Online Event with Professional Live Captions in English)

This event is co-hosted by the Initiative for Indigenous Futures (http://indigenousfutures.net).

Please sign up through Eventbrite to get the zoom link.

Caroline Running Wolf and Michael Running Wolf will be speaking about their work regarding Indigenous AI. The talk will be followed by a Q and A period.

Caroline Running Wolf (Crow Nation), nee Old Coyote, is an enrolled member of the Apsáalooke Nation (Crow) in Montana, with a Swabian (German) mother and also Pikuni, Oglala, and Ho-Chunk heritage. As the daughter of nomadic parents, she grew up between USA, Canada, and Germany. Thanks to her genuine interest in people and their stories, she is a multilingual Cultural Acclimation Artist dedicated to supporting Indigenous language and culture vitality. After working for over 15 years as a professional nerd herder and business consultant in various fields, Running Wolf co-founded a nonprofit, Buffalo Tongue, with her husband, Michael Running Wolf. Together they create virtual and augmented reality experiences to advocate for Native American voices, languages, and cultures. Running Wolf has a Master’s degree in Native American Studies from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Anthropology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Michael Running Wolf (Northern Cheyenne) was raised in a rural village in Montana with intermittent water and electricity. Naturally, he now has a Masters of Science in Computer Science. Though he is a published poet, he is a computer nerd at heart. His lifelong goal is to pursue endangered indigenous language revitalization using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) technology. He was raised with a grandmother who only spoke his tribal language, Cheyenne, which like many other indigenous languages, is near extinction. By leveraging his advanced degree and technical skills, Running Wolf hopes to strengthen the ecology of thought represented by indigenous languages through immersive technology.

Learn more about the Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence
Working Group: http://www.indigenous-ai.net

This event is part of the 3rd Season of the Feminist and Accessible Publishing and Communications Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series (https://www.feministandaccessiblepublishingandtechnology.com), organized by Dr. Alex Ketchum.

Season 3 of our series was made possible thanks to our sponsors: SSHRC (and the Initiative for Digital Citizen Research), the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF), the DIGS Lab, Milieux, Initiative for Indigenous Futures, MILA, and the McGill Writing Centre.

There is no fee required to attend this event. We will provide captions in english. This event will be recorded and made available on our website after the event: https://www.feministandaccessiblepublishingandtechnology....

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