About the founders: Joseph Schull and Anna Yang

Joseph Schull, BA’82, MA’85, and Anna Yang, BCL’88, LLB’88, experienced the life-changing impact of international study firsthand. As students at McGill, they both benefitted from financial awards that enabled them to further their studies abroad. Schull, a Guy Drummond Scholar, spent a year at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris – an experience that motivated him to pursue an advanced degree at Oxford University. Yang, meanwhile, received the Macdonald Travelling Scholarship upon graduating from the Faculty of Law, which enabled her to obtain a Master’s in International Law from the Université de Paris II.

To ensure that today’s McGill students can enjoy the same exceptional opportunities that they did, the couple has given back generously to McGill to support a wide range of international study and research projects through the establishment of the McGill International Experience Awards.

“The experience of studying abroad was transformative for us and opened a new world of ideas and possibilities,” says Schull, who is now based in London, where he works in international finance.

Yang, who after graduation clerked at the Supreme Court of Canada adds: “McGill provided us with a great educational foundation and a passport to the world outside. We want to ensure that McGill can continue to provide such opportunities to many more students in perpetuity.”

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