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The Cundill History Prize

The Cundill History Prize is a prestigious annual award valued at USD $75,000. The prize celebrates a recently published history book that displays both academic scholarship and literary merit.

The Department of History and Classical Studies organizes two exciting events related to the Cundill Prize: The Cundill Lecture and The Cundill Fringe.

Cundill Lecture

The Cundill Lecture

The Cundill Lecture is an annual event which invites the previous year’s Cundill History Prize Winner to hold an engaging lecture on their research for students, faculty members and the public.

This year’s Cundill Lecture will feature Professor Daniel Beer, Historian of Modern Russia, and winner of the 2017 Cundill History Prize.

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The Cundill Fringe

Each year, graduate students from the Department of History and Classical Studies organize the Cundill Fringe Panel.

A graduate student panel moderated by Prof. Jason Opal reviews the three finalist titles in contention for the prize. The Fringe culminates in a People’s Choice vote, where audience members and live-streamers are invited to select their favorite, hours before the winner is announced.

The Prize Founder F. Peter Cundill

The Prize’s Founder

F. Peter Cundill (1938-2011) was a distinguished alumnus of McGill. A voracious reader and inveterate traveler, he had an abiding passion for history.

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Fellowships in History

The Peter Cundill Fellowship is awarded to an outstanding graduate student entering a Doctoral Programme in the Department of History.

Cundill Fellow

Profiles: Cundill Fellows

Meet our current and past Cundill Fellows. Learn more about the exceptional research being funded by the Peter Cundill Fellowship in History.

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