Professor Desmond Morton (1937-2019)


Published: 5Sep2019
Professor Desmond Morton

The Department notes with great sadness the passing of Professor Desmond Morton, a colleague, friend, mentor, prominent military and social historian, academic administrator, and inspiration to many. Desmond Morton was Hiram Mills Emeritus Professor in the Department of History and Classical Studies. He came to McGill in 1994 to serve as the founding director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, after having served as Principal of Erindale College at the University of Toronto between 1986 and 1994. He taught full-time at McGill until 2004, and continued to teach popular classes after retirement. He wrote over forty books, brought history alive for a wide public audience, worked as a political activist and commentator, mentored numerous students, and was a good friend to many. He once wrote that he would like his epitaph to be “History is just another word for experience.” He will be deeply missed. Our condolences to his wife Gail Eakin and to his wider circle of friends and family.


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