Invitation to register to the next WOMEN's HEALTH MATTERS SUMMIT which will be held on February 11, 2021 18:00 IL / 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST (The event is free of charge and in English)

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The WOMEN's HEALTH MATTERS SUMMIT- the first-of-its-kind summit dedicated to the importance of sex and gender variables in the success of technological innovation within healthcare. This is the first in a series of summit webinars where we will explore the impact of including sex and gender within the interface of medicine and technologies including digital health, artificial intelligence, medical devices and more.

Join our gender and world-renowned health of women experts in the field, Prof Karolina Kublickiene from the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden; Prof Valeria Raparelli from Ferrara University in Italy and GOING FWD; Prof Avi Schroeder from the Dept of Chemical Engineering Nanotechnology Lab at the Technion, and Dr Chandra P. Leo, healthcare investor from HBM partners in Switzerland for an exciting evening.

Recently published article

Nauman AT, Behlouli H, Alexander N, Kendel F, Drewelies J, Mantantzis K, Berger N, Wagner GG, Gerstorf D, Demuth I, Pilote L, Regitz-Zagrosek V. Gender score development in the Berlin Aging Study II: a retrospective approach. Biol Sex Differ 12, 15 (2021)
PDF icon Methods for Prospectively Incorporating Gender into Health Sciences Research published in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology Now available in PDF



What is GOING-FWD?

Project title: Gender Outcomes INternational Group: to Further Well-being Development (GOING-FWD)

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Educational activities

Sex and gender dimensions in education and training will include face-to-face and online modules, tools and workshops designed to improve health outcomes across non-communicable diseases. 

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We also aim to construct innovative ways to disseminate the application of gender measurement towards personalized approaches to chronic disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Our research focuses on the following:

1. Gender-related variables.

2. Cost-sensitive and patient-reported outcome measures.

3. Knowledge translation and dissemination

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Workshops, Conferences and Lectures.

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Going forward Consortium integrates sex and gender dimensions in applied health research and evaluates their impact on clinical cost-sensitive outcomes and patient reported outcomes related to quality of life in noncommunicable diseases including cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, chronic kidney disease and neurological disease (read more).

The project has been selected as the one from one of several funded by under the consortium of 16 committed organisations from 13 countries aims to strengthen transnational collaborations between research programme owners and managers, provide support to the promotion of gender equality through institutional change

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Watch the Video of a patient partner Donna. Her Heart Her Story. 

What is GOING-FWD?



Workshops, Lectures, Conferences

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