Attendees of the 2017 McGill Summer Institutes in Global Health posing for a photo.

About the Department

As one of three departments in the School of Population and Global Health, Department of Global and Public Health aims to address health inequities and advance public health through action-oriented research, interdisciplinary training, allyship and equitable partnerships. 

The Department aims to foster solution-focused leadership, learning and knowledge generation around priority public health problems. Central to this approach is equitable partnerships. Our research and education will draw upon diverse expertise from across McGill University, within and beyond the boundaries of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and our external partners:

  • Our faculty members will be engaging in practice- and problem-based projects with particular attention to systems of innovation and the broad range of skills required to solve complex public health challenges. With a focus on program and service delivery to transition and scale promising interventions.

  • Our students will learn by engaging with real-world health problems in partnership with stakeholders using hands-on experiential learning and community-based, participatory approaches.

Recognizing that McGill University and Canada are on unceded Indigenous land, and that the social determinants of health disproportionately affect the peoples of Indigenous nations, a focus on Indigenous health is an immediate priority. Our research, education and service will focus on co-creating a framework for leadership on Indigenous health so that these nations can foster the critical mass and the solutions they need to improve the health of their communities.

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