Care of the Elderly Enhanced Skills Program



The Health Care of the Elderly Residency Program represents elective, supplementary training in care of the elderly of 6 or 12 months duration, available after the two-year core Family Medicine Residency. The McGill University program is one of the oldest, has existed since 1990, and is fully accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). To date, it has trained the largest number of residents of all programs in Canada. Successful graduates receive a Diploma in Health Care of the Elderly, which indicates accreditation by the CFPC.

A conjoint program committee from Family Medicine and the Division of Geriatric Medicine oversees the content and organization of the training program, to ensure complementarity with geriatrics as learned during the Family Medicine Residency and the Geriatric Medicine specialty training program.

Who should apply?

Family Medicine Residents who are completing the first year of Family Medicine, or practicing family physicians, who are interested in any or all of the following:

  • a desire to improve their knowledge of the special needs of the frail elderly as well as their clinical skills in managing this population.
  • may be acting as resource persons in care of the elderly in the community, urban or rural.
  • are interested in an academic career in geriatric medicine.
  • will take on leadership roles including program development in setting such as Long Term Care, Geriatric Assessment/Rehabilitation Units, Home Care.

Rotations / Sites

Clinical rotations provide training in acute care geriatrics, rehabilitation medicine, Geriatric Day Hospital, ambulatory care, community care through the SIPA project or CLSC, long-term care, Memory Clinic and other specialized clinics for care of the elderly. Elective rotations, opportunities for research as well as opportunities to pursue training in an area of interest are available. Sites include the Jewish General Hospital, St-Mary’s Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, and Montreal General Hospital.
Requests for further information should be sent to:

Dr. Ben Albright, Program Director
Health Care of the Elderly Residency Program

email: ben.albright [at]
ph: 514-340-8222, 24521
fax: 514-340-7547

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