George Wenzel

Inuit ecology and economy

Professor Emerita in the Department of Geography

Office: Burnside Hall, Room 623
Tel.: (514) 398-4346
Fax.: (514) 398-7437

george.wenzel [at] (E-mail)

Academic background

  • PhD Geography, McGill University (1980)
  • MA  Anthropology, University of Manitoba (1971)
  • BA   Anthropology, Beloit College (1969)

Research Interests

Contemporary Canadian Inuit Culture and Society; Hunter-Gatherer Ecology; Non-Cash Economies; Wildlife Management Conflicts; Traditional Ecological Knowledge Systems

Current Projects

  • Women and Modern Inuit Subsistence
  • The Opportunity Costs of Wage Employment in Nunavut
  • Traditional Resources and Food Security

Selected Publications (last five years)

2012     Inuit Subsistence, Social Economy and Food Security in Clyde River, Nunavut(M.Harder and G.W. Wenzel). Arctic 65(3):305-318.

 2011     Polar Bear Management, Sport Hunting and Inuit Subsistence at Clyde River, Nunavut. Journal of Marine Policy 35(4):457-465.

2009a    Inuit Settlement in the Clyde Area, Baffin Island, During “Contact-Exploration” Times (ca. 1820-1895). Études/Inuit/Studies 32(2):73-84.

2009b    Canadian Inuit Subsistence and Ecological Instability - If the Climate Changes Must the Inuit? Polar Research 28(1):89-99.

2009c    Subsistence and Conservation Hunting: A Nunavut Case Study. In Inuit,Polar Bears and Sustainable Use: Local, National and International Perspectives. Ed. by M. Freeman and L. Foote. Edmonton: CCI Press. Pp.51-64.

2009d    Polar Bear Conservation Hunting in Canada: Economics, Culture and Unintended Consequences. In Inuit, Polar Bears and Sustainable Use: Local, National and International Perspectives. Ed. by M. Freeman and L. Foote. Edmonton: CCI Press. Pp.13-24.

2008a     Sometimes Hunting Can Seem Like Business (A Study of Polar Bear Sport Hunting In Nunavut). Edmonton: Canadian Circumpolar Institute Press. 126p.

2008b    Clyde Inuit Settlement and Community: From Before Boas to Centralization. Arctic Anthropology 45(1):1-21.

2008c    “The Time of the Most Bears”: A Co-Management Conflict in Nunavut (M. Dowsley and G.W. Wenzel). Arctic 61(2):

2008d    Conservation Hunting Concepts, Canada’s Inuit, and Polar Bear Hunting (A. L. Foote and G.W. Wenzel). In Tourism and the Consumption of Wildlife: Hunting, Shooting and Sport Fishing. Ed. by B. Lovelock.  London: Routledge. pp.115-128.

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