Mylene Riva

Indigenous health and health geography

Assistant Professor in the Institute for Health and Social Policy, and Department of Geography

Institute for Health and Social Policy, Room B10
Burnside Hall, Room 419

Phone: 514-398-6331
Fax: 514-398-7437
Personal website
mylene.riva [at] (E-mail)

Google Scholar Profile

Academic background

  • Banting Postdoctoral fellow, Laval University, 2012
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Health geography, Durham University (Durham, UK), 2011
  • PhD Public Health, University of Montreal, 2008
  • BSc Geography, University of Montreal, 2002

Research interests

I am a health geographer and population health researcher. My research is concerned with the social and environmental determinants of Indigenous Peoples’ health and well-being. I am involved in conducting population health surveys and population health intervention research projects to assess and monitor the impacts of policies, programs, and projects formulated outside the health sector on the health of Indigenous Peoples and communities, with a focus on housing programs and policies, and mining development projects. 

Current Projects

  • Housing (conditions, policies, provision), health, and well-being in northern settings
  • Socio-environmental determinants of health among Indigenous peoples, including conducting Indigenous population health surveys and developing indicators of community of well-being
  • The health and well-being impacts of natural resources development, and especially mining development, in Indigenous communities

Selected recent publications

Khan, F.A., Fox, G.J., Lee, R.L, Riva, M., Benedetti, An., Proulx, J-F., Jung, S., Hornby, K., Behr, M.A., Menzies, D. Housing characteristics as determinants of tuberculosis in an Inuit village: a case-control study. Canadian Medical Association Journal – Open, In press.

Ruiz-Castell, M., Muckle, G., Dewailly, É., Jacobson J.L., Jacobson S.W., Ayotte, P., Riva, M. Housing Conditions and Food Insecurity of Families with School Aged Children in Arctic Québec. American Journal of Public Health. 2015; 105: e122-e132.

Riva, M., Lytken Larsen, C.V., Bjerregaard, P. Household crowding and psychosocial health among Greenlandic Inuit. International Journal of Public Health. 2014; 59: 739-748.

Riva, M., Plusquellec, P., Juster, R.P., Laouan-Sidi, E.A., Abdous, B., Lucas, M., Déry, S., Dewailly, E. Household crowding is associated with higher allostatic load among Inuit. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 2014, 68:363-369

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