Michel Lapointe

Prof. Michel Lapointe

I am a fluvial geomorphologist. My major area of interest  is the eco-geomorphology of river landscapes, the study of how fluvial processes affect fish habitats, fish populations  and  other forms of riverine resources.  

Associate Professor in the Department of Geography

michel.lapointe [at] mcgill.ca (E-mail)

Academic background

  • PhD Geography, UBC (1990)


Research interests

  • The geomorphic processes controlling the distribution of spawning and rearing habitats of salmonids (mainly Atlantic salmon and Brook trout)
  • The landscape ecology of Atlantic salmon production in rivers
  • The impacts of hydro-damming on river ecosystems
  • The impacts of forestry and road construction on riverine ecosystems



Current projects

  • Remote Sensing of Riverine habitats
  • Quantifying hydro-electric flow regime alteration in a regional context
  • Understanding the geomorphic impacts of hydro-damming on river ecosystems


Some recent publications

M. Lapointe, 2012. River geomorphology and salmonid habitat: some examples illustrating the complexity of their association, from redd to riverscape scales. Chapter 17 in Gravel-bed Rivers: Processes, Tool, Environments. Church, M., Biron, P. and Roy, A., editors. Chichester, John Wiley and Sons. pp. 193-215

Jan Franssen, Pepino, M., Lapointe, M., Magnan, P. Alternative tactics in spawning site selection by brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) related to incubation microhabitats in a harsh winter environment,   Freshwater Biology (2013) 58, 142–158

Jan Franssen, Catherine Blais, Michel Lapointe, Francis Bérubé, Normand Bergeron, Pierre Magnan, 2012. Asphyxiation and entombment mechanisms in fines rich spawning substrates: experimental evidence with brook trout embryos. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 69 (3) , pp. 587-599


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