Mette Bendixen

Mette Bendixen

Arctic landscape change, Geomorphology, Global sand scarcity, Sediment fluxes, Natural resources

Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography

Office: Burnside Hall 420
Phone: 514-398-4307
Fax: 514-398-7437
Personal website
mette.bendixen [at] (E-Mail)

Academic background

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Food & Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Postdoctoral scholar, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR), University of Colorado, Boulder, US

  • PhD, Institute of Geosciences & Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Research interests

My research focusses on gaining quantitative understanding of dynamic landscape processes and examine the impact of these on the coupled human- natural system.

More specifically, my work is focused on two main research-themes: i) Understanding Arctic landscape changes and sediment dynamics in a changing climate and their implications for local communities and ii) Document the complex relationships between a growing global demand for sand and gravel (aggregates) and a sustainable development.

Current projects

  • Conflicts and synergies of sand mining on the increasingly populated African continent

  • Including Indigenous perspectives in emerging Greenlandic resource exploration


Some recent publications

Bendixen, M.* & Iversen, L.L.*, Best, J. Franks, D. Hackney, C. Latrubesse, E. Tusting L. (2021): Sand, gravel, and UN Sustainable Development Goals: Conflicts, synergies, and pathways forward. [*contributed equally]. One Earth 4, 8, 1095-1111. DOI:

Bendixen, M., Best, J., Hackney, C., Iversen, L. L. (2019): Time is running out for sand. Nature, 571, 29-31. DOI: 10.1038/d41586-019-02042-4

Bendixen, M., Overeem, I., Rosing, M., Bjørk A.A., Kjaer, K.H., Kroon, A., Zeitz, G., Iversen, L.L. (2019): Promises and Perils of Sand Exploitation in Greenland. Nature Sustainability 2, 98-104. DOI: 10.1038/s41893-018-0218-6

Bendixen, M.*, Iversen L.L.*, Bjørk A.A., Elberling B., Westergaard-Nielsen A., Overeem I., Barnhart K., Khan S.A., Box J.E., Abermann J., Langley K. and Kroon A. (2017): Delta progradation in Greenland driven by increasing glacial mass loss. Nature 550, p. 101-104 [*contributed equally]. DOI:10.1038/nature23873



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