Free Skool Fridays in the Outdoor Learning Garden


Free Skool Fridays are an initiative which will be taking place in the Community Garden/Outdoor Learning Space beginning in June 2018. Mini-lectures will attempt to disrupt hierarchies, encourage snacking, provide anyone an opportunity to experience and experiment with course facilitation, and open up ideas of who are "experts" in their fields. These spaces aim to be intentionally anti-hierarchical, anti-oppressive and question the role of educational institutions in teaching and learning. We hope to open McGill space outside of the campus community, and encourage anyone to participate. Learners of all ages welcome!

If you would like to suggest possible topics, sign-up to (co)facilitate a class or workshop, ask questions, or take part in the planning process, please check out our shared workspace.

Possible topics could include: 

  • technical skill tutorials (bike-maintenance, design, arts, photography)
  • critical histories/histories of resistence
  • gardening/food-security
  • group reflections on education/institutions of learning
  • calls to action and organizing around social issues 
  • anything you'd like!

If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions, please contact jayne.malenfant [at] (Jayne Malenfant)

McGill's Faculty of Education garden is located on the Downtown campus between Coach House and Duggan House (and between the streets of Peel and McTavish) [map]. It offers a space to explore the incorporation of ecologically informed, socially aware teaching and learning for students, teachers, staff and community members. 

Contact Information

Jayne Malenfant
jayne.malenfant [at]
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