Indigenous Access McGill

Indigenous Access McGill is...

  • a McGill support program for First Nations and Inuit students in Social Work, Nursing, OccupationaI Therapy, Physiotherapy, Dietetics and Speech and Language Pathology.
  • a dedicated support team of advisors who will offer mentoring and tutoring on all aspects of your studies.
  • a direct link to all the resources available to students at McGill from counseling to study skills, from writing skills to library research, and much more.
  • a resource centre in the School of Social Work for your use where you can consult documentation, do online research, discuss with other students, and talk to the tutors.
  • an opportunity to get together with other First Nations and Inuit students and to support each other.
  • a summer support program for First Nations and Inuit students who have been accepted into the social work program or one of the health disciplines mentioned above including two weeks of mini-courses, field placement visits, and an introduction to McGill support services.

For more information contact:

Student Support Coordinator Trudy Blumstein (particularly for social work admissions information):
trudy.blumstein [at] / 514-398-2067


Academic Associate Michael Loft – [at] / 514-398-2129


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