Enrolment and Student Affairs Advisory Committee (ESAAC)


Provide a forum for discussing issues related to recruitment and admissions, scholarship and student aid, and student affairs broadly speaking
offer advice to faculties and central offices on administrative matters related to these issues;
offer advice on policy matters related to these issues.


The Advisory will make recommendations concerning the following:

student records
sessional dates
course and examination timetabling
academic integrity
student advising
student awards and student aid
recruitment and admissions

The Advisory will assume administrative responsibility for the following subcommittees, which will report to the Advisory at least annually:

Subcommittee on Academic Integrity
Subcommittee on Admissions Processes
Subcommittee on Student Affairs Policies
Subcommittee on Student Records
Subcommittee on Undergraduate Student Advising
Governor General's Medal Subcommittee

The Advisory will meet at least four times during the academic year.

Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning), Chair
Dean of Students or delegate
Associate Dean (Student Affairs) from each faculty (or Dean’s delegate)
Associate Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Associate Dean of Continuing Education
University Registrar and Executive Director of Enrolment Services
One representative named by the Alumni Association
Two undergraduate students
Two graduate students
One student from Macdonald Campus
One student in Continuing Education
Member of the Office of the Deputy Provost, Committee Secretary

Resource Persons:
Individuals identified by the Committee for specific agenda items, possibly including, but not limited to, the following:
Executive Director, Services for Students
Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Director of Information Systems Resources
Director of Residences and Student Housing
Director of the Scholarships and Student Aid Office
Manager, Scholarships Office
Accountant, Student Accounts Office
Executive Director, Donor Engagement and Stewardship, Development and Alumni Relations
Development Officer, Student Awards, Development and Alumni Relations

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