Jonathan Kimmelman

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James McGill Professor;
Associate Member of the Dept of Experimental Medicine

Jonathan Kimmelman
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jonathan.kimmelman [at]

2001 McGill College Avenue,
11th floor, #1155


PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University

Equity, Ethics and Policy

 PHIL 543B: Medical Ethics: The Ethics of Human Experimentation

Research areas: 
Biomedical Ethics
Research Ethics
Areas of interest: 

Jonathan Kimmelman's research centers on the ethical, social, and policy challenges in testing novel medical technologies in human beings ("translational clinical research"). Current projects are investigating risk, prediction, validity and knowledge value across the trajectory of drug development. Another set of projects is pursuing alternative frameworks and understandings concerning the role and content of clinical research ethics. Kimmelman directs the Group for Studies of Translation, Ethics, and Medicine (Stream). Click here to learn more about specific research projects.

Other research areas are drug development, animal research, reproducibility, meta-research, and clinical trials.

Selected publications: 
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