Bethany Foster

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The Montreal Children's Hospital
1001 Boulevard Decarie
Montreal, QC, Canada H4A 3J1

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514 934-1934 ext. 23323
Fax: 514-412-4359
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bethany.foster [at]
Area of expertise: 

Focused on the influence of chronic kidney failure on the health of children and young adults. Her previous work has focused on the impact of kidney disease on growth and body composition. Her research program at McGill aims to evaluate the impact of kidney failureĀ and its treatments (specifically kidney transplantation) on cardiovascular health in children and young adults.

In addition, she is studying the determinants of long term kidney transplant survival, including the impact of transfer from a pediatric to an adult care setting. Interested in the analytic methods required to deal effectively with data collected from children spanning a wide range of ages and sizes.

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Research areas: 
Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology
Reproductive, Perinatal and Child Health