EMHI ROUNDS May 9th, 2024

Thursday, May 9, 2024 09:00to11:00

EMHI ROUNDS – May 9, 2024 @ 9am to 11am

Hi all,

Join us from 9 am to 11 am via Teams: 2023-2024 link


9am: Core topic – Telemedicine and Telehealth, By: Fahd Alrumaih, Pediatric-EMHI fellow
 Biomedical Informatics - Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine - 5th Ed.pdf

Learning objectives:

  1. Overview and background of what is Telemedicine and Telehealth.
  2. The role of informatics in real world system and challenges and future directions.

Question: If you want to create a seamless platform that integrates various aspects of
healthcare delivery, what would it be?

Bio: Dr. Fahd Alrumaih, EM resident, department of Emergency Medicine, McGill University. He is in the last year of his residency, currently doing his Area of Interest AOI with the EMHI program.

10 am: Case study - implementation of a pediatric emergency telemedicine program, By: Dr. Bassam Alomar

Kim JW, Friedman J, Clark S, Hafeez B, Listman D, Lame M, Eid DA, Sharma R, Platt S. Implementation
of a pediatric emergency telemedicine program. Pediatric Emergency Care. 2020 Feb 1;36(2):e104-7.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand an operational framework.
  2.  Evaluate telemedicine outcomes

Question: When would you consider having an emergency telemedicine program at your institution?

BIO: Dr. Bassam Alomar, health informatics emergency medicine fellow, department of emergency medicine, McGill University. He is from pediatric background, finished his pediatric medicine board and pediatric emergency medicine fellowship in Saudi Arabia, worked as a staff for 2 years prior to being enrolled in his current fellowship. Dr. Bassam has an interest in workflow improvement, big data management and machine learning.


Rounds will end at 11 am

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