EMHI ROUNDS April 25, 2024

Thursday, April 25, 2024 09:00to12:00

EMHI ROUNDS – April 25, 2024 @ 9am to 12pm

Hi all, Join us for a talk on core topic, a journal club and a case study in health IT:

via Teams : 2023-2024 link

9am :Dr. Saleh Alsaeed , Pediatric-EMHI fellow

Title: How to apply project management principles using Mobile application software development for patients in waiting room in Emergency Department as an example.

Learning objectives:

  1. What is the project management?
  2. What is the project life cycle?
  3. What are the different knowledge areas in project management?

Bio: Dr. Saleh Alsaeed, health informatics emergency medicine fellow, department of Emergency Medicine, McGill University. He is from pediatric background, finished his pediatric medicine board back home in Saudi Arabia, and pediatric emergency medicine fellowship in McMaster prior to being enrolled in his current fellowship. Dr. Saleh has an interest in workflow and human behavior.


10 am – Dr. Antony Robert

Title: Using data from source database for research and analytics : from data to visualization

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe the infrastructure needed for conducting data projects,
  2. 2) List the steps to organize source data into consumable data,
  3. 3) Describe the various data domains needed for data projects

Question: What data analytics project would improve your ED?


11 am – Dr. Antony Robert

Reiew: The impact of nuance DAX ambient listening AI documentation: a cohort study

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe how to prepare a cohort study for technology evaluation
  2. Describe the clinical impact of this technology

Question: What gains can we expect from DAX electronic documentation in the ED ?

BIO: Dr. Robert is the Director of the health informatics fellowship at McGill University Department of Emergency Medicine. He holds an MD degree from McGill University, a Masters in health informatics. He strives to improve workflow, patient care and flow by leveraging health informatics concepts and solutions.





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