Thursday, February 29, 2024 09:00to12:00

Hi all, Join us for a talk on core topic, a journal club, and a case study in health IT:  

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Case Study: Designing a Clinical Data Warehouse Architecture to Support Quality Improvement Initiatives. By: Dr. Saleh Alsaeed

Learning objectives:

  1. What method can be implemented to integrate disparate data sources into a unified data warehouse architecture?
  2. How can the quality improvement life cycle be effectively integrated into the architecture of a clinical data warehouse?

Question: How can we evolve clinical data warehouses to effectively support quality improvement initiatives?

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10 am – Core Topic Software Engineering for Health Care and Biomedicine. Chapter 6 - Biomedical Informatics Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine - 5th Ed, By: Dr. Antony Robert 

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to

1 - List the steps towards the development of a software product

2 - Explain how software requirements can be gathered

Question: how do you get started on your software project idea?



11 am – Project Presentation, by Dr. Khalid Binghannam: Optimizing the Emergency Department Efficiency through Artificial Intelligence (Predicting Blood Test and Imaging Requirements Post-Triage a pilot project)

Learning Objectives:

  1. Project's background, literature review
  2. Project's hypothesis and outcome
  3. Data pre-processing, cleaning, and model design



Dr. Saleh Alsaeed, health informatics emergency medicine fellow, department of emergency medicine, McGill University. He is from pediatric background, finished his pediatric medicine board back home in Saudi Arabia, and pediatric emergency medicine fellowship in McMaster prior to be enrolled in his current fellowship. Dr. Saleh has an interest in workflow and human behavior.

Dr. Robert is the Director of the health informatics fellowship at Mcgill University Department of Emergency Medicine. He holds an MD degree from McGill University and a Master's in health informatics. He strives to improve workflow, patient care and flow by leveraging health informatics concepts and solutions.

Khalid Binghannam, FRCP emergency medicine Resident R5, McGill University


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