Graduate Students in Dairy Information Systems

Infosys students

Graduate Students

Hector Delgado

Mr Hector Delgado, MSc/PhD Candidate

Profitability parameters in dairy cattle.

Aisha Ghaffar

Ms Aisha Ghaffar, PhD Candidate

The development of a methodological framework for multidimensional models of large datasets in the dairy industry.

Rawad Swidan

Mr Rawad Swidan, PhD Candidate

The effect of diet on milk fatty-acid profiles in Holstein dairy cattle.

Jessica Ramirez

Ms Jessica Ramirez, MSc (2008)

Use of Machine-Learning and Visualization Techniques in the Evaluation of Factors Affecting Milk Urea Nitrogen.

Marie-Claude Ferland

Ms Marie-Claude Ferland, MSc (2008)

Effects of different feeding systems and sources of grain on lactation characteristics and milk components in dairy cattle.

Ms Gayatri Boda, MSc (2005)

Benchmarking dairy information using interactive visualization for dairy farm decision making.

Mr Gao, Yongchun, MSc (2005) Amy Wong Fellow

The application of Web Ontology Language for information sharing in the dairy industry.

Annie St. Onge, PhD (2004) FCAR Fellow

The interpretation of dairy data using interactive visualization [.pdf]

Diederik Pietersma, PhD (2001) FCAR Fellow

Machine-learning assisted development of a knowledge-based system in dairy farming [.pdf]

Ainsley Archer, PhD (2000)

A framework to integrate and analyse industry-wide information for on-farm decision making in dairy cattle breeding [.pdf]

Mr. Ken Foran

Mark Strasser, MSc (1997)

The development of a fuzzy decision-support system for dairy cattle culling decisions [.pdf]

Yang, Xingzhu, MSc (1996)

The application of artificial neural networks to the detection of bovine mastitis [.pdf]