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A new video series to encourage people living with dementia to participate in meaningful activities

Participating in meaningful activities is important for individuals of all ages. For a person living with dementia, continuing to engage in activities that they enjoy, aligned with their interests and abilities, can contribute to their self-esteem, promote creativity and add to their quality of life.

A new video series created by the McGill Dementia Education Program, together with the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, highlights activities that caregivers can do with a person living with dementia. The videos provide safety tips and helpful advice on how to adapt the difficulty level to a person’s abilities.

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This video series, Activities to Engage People Living with Dementia, features 12 activities:

  • Making origami, jewellery, playdough and cooking to stimulate creativity.
  • Creating a scent kit to stimulate your senses.
  • Participating in household activities including cleaning out the fridge, decluttering, and folding laundry to encourage a sense of self.
  • Doing chair exercises to promote physical activity.
  • Going on a virtual adventure to engage in social interactions.
  • Playing bingo and doing jigsaw puzzles to engage the brain.

This videos are based on the Activity Booklet for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones Living with Dementia, an engaging online toolkit that was created in 2020 by four graduate occupational therapy students under the supervision of Marie-Eve Bolduc, Assistant Professor (Professional) at the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy. The booklet has been very popular and so, with Professor Bolduc’s guidance, and funding from the Petro-Canada Caremakers Foundation, we have brought some of those activities to life in videos.

Learn how to engage in meaningful activities safely, creatively, and enjoyably!

Activities to Engage People Living with Dementia - Learn about this project

Brain Games - Introduction

Brain Games – Board Games: Bingo

Brain Games – Jigsaw Puzzle

Creating and Crafting - Introduction

Creating and Crafting - Cooking

Creating and Crafting – Make Origami

Creating and Crafting – Make Playdough

Creating and Crafting – Make Jewellery

Household Activities - Introduction

Household Activities – Clean Out the Fridge

Household Activities – Declutter and Fold Laundry

Let’s Get Active – Chair Exercises

Social Events – Virtual Adventure

Stimulate Your Senses – Make a Scent Kit

You can find all the English videos posted above.

The French videos can be viewed here.

Additional resources:

Download the Dementia Activity Booklet (PDF format)

Consult the online Dementia Activity Booklet

Consult the online Glossary

Consult the online Safety Checklist



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