Annexe B

Lettre de la principale Heather Munroe-Blum à Daniel Jutras, doyen du Faculté de droit, le 11 nov. 2011.

Dear Professor Jutras,

I write to ask you to undertake an independent internal investigation of the events of November 10, 2011 on our campus in and around the James Building and adjacent areas, and to submit a report to me no later than December 15, 2011. I plan to make the report public after receiving it. Your mandate is to serve the McGill community by reviewing what happened and making whatever recommendations you judge appropriate regarding practices, processes and policies within McGill University’s control and jurisdiction.

You should determine your own procedures and retain whatever assistance you require. I ask that in the course of your investigation you invite submissions from members of the McGill community, and, as may be appropriate, interview individuals you judge can assist you in determining what happened, consult with interested individuals, and otherwise investigate the incident.

By making this letter to you public, I am asking all members of the McGill community - faculty, students and administrative and support staff - to cooperate with your work in any way you may ask. Further, I commit to you that all members of the senior administration will cooperate with your work as you may request of them. You should proceed with your investigation guided by this letter and your judgment alone and take instructions from no member of the McGill community including myself.

The purpose of your internal investigation and recommendations is to allow McGill to learn from the events of November 10, 2011 and implement changes that would reduce the likelihood of a similar incident occurring in the future. Your investigation should remain entirely separate from established University processes for complaints, discipline and other sanctions and remedies. Further, your investigation should not prejudice or supplant processes for complaints, discipline or other sanctions and remedies established by bodies external to McGill University. You should not make findings about or assign blame to specific individuals. Any such actions pertaining to specific individuals must only occur through established procedures. You should grant confidentiality to all submissions you receive so that members of the McGill community are free to speak with and write to you without fear of sanction or favour.

I also ask that you advertise publicly on campus these terms of reference and how individuals can communicate with you in confidence.

I am grateful to you for accepting this assignment and am confident the University will be well served by your internal investigation and report. Thank you for your willingness to serve.

With kind regards,

Professor Heather Munroe-Blum

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