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Methods Training Grants

CSDC Methods Summer School Grants 2019


Deadline: March 1st, 2019


One of our central missions is the support of research method training for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Indeed, in 2017/18 we had 18 applications for methods training support. Thus, the CSDC continues to give grants to attend intensive methods training programs, however, the grants will be exclusively funding summer methods training courses, ideally at the ICPSR in Michigan. The CSDC will not be funding travel to and registration for any Winter Schools  anymore.

Note: funding for travel to and registration for the following schools is separate from the methods training grant:

  • Leuven-Montreal Winter School on Voting Behavior
  • L'École d'été internationale sur la participation et la démocratie
  • Math and Computing Summer Camp.

The revised guidelines give priority to PhD applicants who have not received a method training grant in previous years. In addition, there will only be ONE DEADLINE for applications on March 1 of each year. The grants continue to be awarded on a competitive basis and funding may be apportioned depending on the number of successful applicants.

All applicants are strongly advised to carefully read and follow the instructions and requirements outlined in the Guidelines.



The CSDC supports intensive summer methods training programs, as long as these methods courses are not taught at our partner universities or other local institutions during the fall or winter semester. The ICPSR summer program at the University of Michigan is the recommended program.

However, the Centre will consider funding for other and substantive training if the applicant can demonstrate that a comparable course is not available in Montreal or Quebec City or otherwise in any local setting nearby and absolutely necessary for academic progress.

The funds for training also include tuition for local training courses such as QICSS (https://www.ciqss.org/en/qicss-summer-school ).



March 1, 2019



All CSDC graduate students and post-doctoral fellows are eligible for funding, however priority will be given to applications from PhD applicants who have not received a method training grant in previous years.

In addition, applicants, planning to attend a four (4) weeks ICPSR Summer Program, are required to apply for and accept, an ICPSR Scholarship, Empirical Implications for Theoretical Models (EITM) Scholarship and/or Janet Box-Steffensmeier and John A. Garcia Scholarships

 (link: https://www.icpsr.umich.edu/icpsrweb/content/sumprog/scholarships/index.html ) when offered. Check the ICPSR WEB site (same link) for deadlines. A copy of application confirmation email of the application will need to be submitted with the CSDC application.



The maximum amount of $ 2,500 is only available for programs that last more than three weeks. Shorter programs will receive up to $ 1,250 for the first week, $ 1,750 for two weeks, and $ 2,250 for three-weeks.

If an applicant is successful in obtaining an ICPSR scholarship then the CSDC will fund the applicants’ travel expenses (flight, train, bus or car) to a maximum of $ 750.

For CIQSS courses the maximum amount is $ 250 per course.

Please note that accommodation and meals (per diem or receipt) are not admissible expenses for the method training grant.


Assessment of Applications:

Applications are reviewed by the CSDC Steering Committee. Each Steering Committee member conducts a thorough review and evaluates the applications  along the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the Methods Course(s) to applicant’s research,
  • Availability of the course(s) at CSDC partner universities during the Fall and Winter semesters,
  • Eligibility of applicant, and
  • Appropriateness and justification of the budget


Notification of Award:

Successful applicants will be notified by email within 30 days of the submission deadline, setting forth the amount and conditions of the award. A copy of this email will be sent to the applicant’s supervisor.
Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified by email. It should be recognized that the CSDC has a limited amount of funds and, although applications may have merit, there may not be sufficient funds to award all such applications.


Knowledge Transfer

Award recipients may be asked to share new insights with the greater CSDC member and student community during one of the CSDC Bootcamp, lunchtime Methods Seminars organized by the CSDC Graduate student Committee or one of the CSDC Member Institutions.



A full application consists of:

  • Completed form below including:
    • Proof of Scholarship application (e.g. ICPSR scholarships mentioned above)
    • List of courses
    • Description of project and how methods courses will improve or enable research
    • Transcripts
    • Budget (incl. other funding received or applied for)
  • Letter of recommendation from one CSDC member, usually the academic advisor. The letter must be sent directly by the letter’s author to csdc-cecd [at] mcgill.ca .


Incomplete submissions:

In order to maintain fairness, all applicants should follow the CSDC policies when applying. Non-adherence to CSDC policies will lead to rejection (without appeal) of the application.



The reimbursement request has to be submitted within four (4) weeks after the methods course has finished.

A reimbursement request consists of:

  • invoice for plane, train or bus plus boarding passes (if applicable)
  • print out of itinerary and kilometers from Google Maps or similar software (if applicable)
  • invoice for car rental and for gas (if applicable)
  • Proof of completion of program
  • Non-McGill graduate students and post-doctoral fellows: Visitors Claimant Form

Note: In order to receive funding from the CSDC, your CSDC website profile must be up to date (with picture).