Is Palliative Care right for me, where do I start?

The choice to move from curative towards palliative care is a personal decision made in consultation with your health care team and significant others.

Circumstances will vary from patient to patient and useful information explaining many of the considerations that patients and families need to address can be found on the Virtual Hospice website.

When you are confronted with a life-threatening illness and looking for information:

A brochure entitled ‘You are not alone’, was developed by the GlaxoSmithKline Foundation of Canada as part of the Living Lessons© campaign for persons confronted with a terminal illness.  It introduces palliative care and answers, in a concise manner, frequently asked questions about end of life care.  To download this brochure, click on You are not Alone.

Harry van Bommel has written an excellent booklet entitled "Caring For Loved Ones at Home" (6th Edition), which is available on the Legacies web site.

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