Scheduling Resources

Find information and instructions concerning:

 The class scheduling timeline;

 Banner (SSASECT) course and section data entry for campus code 3,4, and Comprehensive Exams;

 For the instructor unavailability guidelines, download here.

  Note: For manual submissions, please contact the Class Schedule Team

 There's also a handy checklist which can be used to make sure all necessary steps have been completed

Check out when the next Information Session will be taking place and register for workshops 

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB)

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is a web-based application to help students build potential class schedule options prior to and during registration periods. Once the Minerva Class Schedule is available for a particular term, students may enter courses from it into VSB. VSB arranges entered courses into possible conflict-free timetables and displays them in an easy-to-read weekly schedule.

Access and more information about VSB can be found here.

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