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H.V. Kuhnlein and colleagues

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Publications from Nuxalk nation work

Turner, N.J. and H.V. Kuhnlein (1982) "Two important 'root' foods of the Northwest Coast Indians: Springbank Clover and Pacific Silverweed", Econ. Bot. 36(4):411-432.
Econ Bot 1982

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J EthnoBiol 2

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Eco Food Nutr 1985

Barr, S.I. and H.V. Kuhnlein (1985) "HDL and total serum cholesterol levels in a group of British Columbian Native Indians", Nutr. Res. 5:827-837, 1985. *Winner of the Annual Nutrition Research Award for the best published paper in Nutr. Res. in 1985.
Nutr Res 1985

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J EthnoBiol 1986

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Can J Bot 1987

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J Can Diet Assoc 1989

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J Nutr Ed 1989

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J Food Comp Ana 1989

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J Food Comp Ana 1990

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J EthnoBiol 1992

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J Food Comp Ana 1996

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J Food Comp Ana 1996B

Kuhnlein, H.V. and S. Burgess (1997) Improved retinol, carotene, ferritin and folate status in Nuxalk teens and adults following a health promotion program, Food Nutr. Bull. 18(2):202-210.
Food Nutr Bull 1997

Nuxalk Food and Nutrition Program Staff (1984) Nuxalk Food and Nutrition Handbook: A Practical Guide to Family Foods and Nutrition Using Native Foods, Malibu Printing, Richmond, British Columbia, pp. 116. (Available in Bella Coola)
Nuxalk Handbook

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