Traditional Food Systems Research with Indigenous Peoples in Asia

A major step forward in developing CINE's international activities took place in 2001. Working with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Dr. Kuhnlein developed a protocol for documenting traditional food systems of Indigenous Peoples (Documenting Traditional Food Systems of Indigenous Peoples: International Case Studies. Guidelines for Procedures)


A week-long international workshop was held in Thailand at Mahidol University in Salaya. Attending the workshop, and speaking on behalf of Canada's Indigenous People and the CINE research process was the Chair of the CINE Governing Board, Chief Bill Erasmus of the Dene Nation.

This project was supported by the FAO (Food and Nutrition Division), Canada's IDRC, and several NGO's working in Asia. A publication of methodology, published jointly by FAO and IDRC, shows how the information has been used by Indigenous Peoples for education and health promotion activities.


During 2001-2002 the protocol is being tested in 5 groups of Indigenous Peoples in Asia:

1) Karen of Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand

2) Bhil of Dang Area, Gujarat Province, India

3) Miao of Guizhou Province, China

4) Mogh as one group of Nayakrishi Farmers in Bardarkali, Cox's Bazaar Area, Bangladesh

5) Dalit of Zaheerabad, Hyderabad Area, India

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