Response strategy

CINE receives many requests from Indigenous communities in Canada, the United States and internationally for research on their food systems and the environment. Here are a few examples of the more frequently asked questions:

  • "How do we know if our wildlife is safe to eat?"
  • "How can we improve our nutrition?"
  • "How much junk food are our children eating, and is it harmful?"
  • "What are the contaminant levels in our traditional food?"
  • "What is the effect of mining on wildlife on our area?"
  • "How can we measure the risks and benefits of eating our traditional food?"

CINE's response strategy is designed to answer questions from communities by providing information and data they can understand and use. The response strategy is composed of two elements: education and research.
We have many requests and limited resources. If we can respond, the research involves a four-step plan of action to answer questions from community leaders about nutrition and the environment.

Requests for research can be made through a CINE Indigenous Advisory Board or directly to cine.aes [at] (CINE).

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