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Au fil des ans, le Centre de Recherche sur les Machines Intelligentes a organisé un nombre important de séminaires mettant en vedette des chercheurs du monde entier. Les membres de l'ICM ont également organisé et participé à des séminaires à McGill et dans d'autres universités. Récemment, la plupart des événements ont eu lieu en ligne. Au cours des années précédentes, les membres de l'ICM se réunissaient dans la salle Zames de McConnell Engineering, du nom du membre fondateur du Centre de Recherche sur les Machines Intelligentes George Zames, pour partager leurs connaissances et collaborer avec leurs pairs. Veuillez trouver ci-dessous un compte rendu de ces événements au cours des dernières années.


Date Name Title
21 avril, 2022 Javier de Frutos On discrete-time approximations to infinite horizon differential games
14 avril, 2022 Lucia Sbragia Self-image and the stability of international environmental agreements
7 avril, 2022 Konstantin Avrachenkov Zero-Sum Stochastic Games over the Field of Real Algebraic Numbers
31 mars, 2022 Hassan Benchekroun On the Optimal Taxation of the Commons
24 mars, 2022 Andrea Seidl The Digital Economy and Advertising Diffusion Models: Critical Mass and the Stalling Equilibrium
17 mars, 2022 Michael Kopel Information Acquisition, Strategic Ignorance, and Manufacturer Encroachment
10 mars, 2022 Mahsa Mahboob Ghodsi Omnichannel fulfillment strategies and sales credit allocation
24 février, 2022 Steven Dahdah Data-Driven Modelling and Control with the Koopman Operator
17 février, 2022 Fabio Lamantia Hybrid dynamics of a resource exploitation game
17 février, 2022 Yoshua Bengio Conscious processing, inductive biases and generalization in deep learning
27 janvier, 2022 Massimiliano Ferrara Evolutionary optimized Padeě approximation scheme for analysis of Covid-19 model with crowding effect
20 janvier, 2022 Mabel Tidball Positional effects in public good provision. Strategic interaction and inertia
13 janvier, 2022 Georges Zaccour Coordination in closed-loop supply chains: A stochastic dynamic games perspective


Date Name Title
16 décembre, 2021 François Pomerleau Résultats de la première participation canadienne au prestigieux DARPA Subterranean Challenge
25 novembre, 2021 Fatemeh Zand Impacts of government direct limitation on pricing, greening activities and recycling management in an online to offline closed loop supply chain
29 septembre, 2021 Joelle Pineau et al. Homecoming: AI and the Future of Public Policy
24 juin, 2021 Peter M. Kort Double marginalization and external financing: Capacity investment under uncertainty
17 juin, 2021 Artem Sedakov A model of river pollution as a dynamic game with network externalities
10 juin, 2021 Ping Sun Stable networks and dynamic network formation with group partitioning
3 juin, 2021 Arka Mukherjee The impact of product recall on advertising decisions and firm profit while envisioning crisis or being hazard myopic
27 mai, 2021 Jesús Marín Solano Groundwater extraction for irrigation purposes: The case of asymmetric players
20 mai, 2021 Vivek Borkar Graph-constrained dynamic choice
13 mai, 2021 Ratul Lahkar Affirmative action in large population contests
6 mai, 2021 Xiao Huang Buyer direct financing under supplier disruption risk
22 avril, 2021 Margarida Carvalho Interdiction games on graphs
22 avril, 2021 Catherine Laporte Ultrasound imaging: let's talk
15 avril, 2021 Guiomar Martín-Herrán Investment in cleaner technologies in a transboundary pollution dynamic game. A numerical investigation
8 avril, 2021 Doina Precup Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Reason
8 avril, 2021 Alessandra Buratto Optimal adaptation of lockdown measures upon the introduction of a COVID-19 vaccination campaign
1 avril, 2021 Jafar Chaab Dynamic pricing and advertising in the presence of strategic consumers and social contagion: A mean-field game approach
25 mars, 2021 Anna Jaśkiewicz Quasi-hyperbolic discounting in Markov decision processes
18 mars, 2021 Marc G. Bellemare Autonomous navigation of stratospheric balloons using reinforcement learning
15 mars, 2021 Alexander L. Fradkov and Boris R. Andrievskii Synchronization and State Estimation of Nonlinear Physical Systems under Communication Constraints
11 mars, 2021 Michèle Breton The impact of safety covenants in syndicated loan agreements
4 mars, 2021 Marie Laclau Robust communication on networks
25 février, 2021 Katerina Stankova Improving treatment of metastatic cancer through game theory
18 février, 2021 Kaiqing Zhang Provable reinforcement learning for multi-agent and robust control systems
16 février, 2021 Maxime DESCOTEAUX A journey on your brain highways: diffusion MRI and connectomics of the future
11 février, 2021 Régis Chenavaz Advertising, goodwill, and the Veblen effect
4 février, 2021 Pegah Rokh Foroz Incentive mechanism design using linear matrix inequality approach
28 janvier, 2021 Massimiliano Ferrara Fuzzy fractional-order model of the novel coronavirus: The impact of delay strategies on the pandemic dynamics model with nonlinear incidence rate
22 janvier, 2021 Asuman Ozdaglar Analysis and Interventions in Large Network Games
21 janvier, 2021 Fouad El Ouardighi Control of an epidemic with endogenous treatment capability under popular discontent and social fatigue
14 janvier, 2021 Florian Wagener All symmetric equilibria in differential games with public goods


Date Name Title
10 décembre, 2020 Ozgen Karaer Supplier development in a multi-tier supply chain
10 décembre, 2020 Dena Firoozi Belief Estimation by Agents in Major-Minor LQG Mean Field Games
26 novembre, 2020 Mehdi Salimi Winning strategy for pursuers in pursuit-evasion differential games
25 novembre, 2020 Archana Venkataraman Deep Learning for Multimodal and Dynamic Functional Neuroimaging
20 mars, 2020 Archana Venkataraman Generative-Deep Hybrid Models to Decipher Brain Functionality
28 février, 2020 Maxime Laborde Systems of Evolution Equations Coupled Through Optimal Transport and Application to Urban Planning
20 février, 2020 Francois Hogan Towards Reactive Manipulation Skills
12 février, 2020 Ahmed Farooq Analyzing Haptic Feedback: "Haptic Mediation"
27 janvier, 2020 Laurent Dinh A RAD approach to deep mixture models
24 janvier, 2020 Ryad Benosman What is Neuromorphic Event-based Computation and Why it is the future of AI?
24 janvier, 2020 Louis Collins Image guided neurosurgery at the MNI


Date Name Title
5 décembre, 2019 Fania Mokhayeri Domain-Specific Face Synthesis for Video-based Face Recognition
18 octobre, 2019 Sylvain Bouix Imaging Brain Disorders
18 octobre, 2019 Morteza Rezanejad Medial measures for recognition, mapping and categorization
10 octobre, 2019 Matthew Harker Control of Complex Systems: Inverse Problems in Collaborative Robotics
3 octobre, 2019 Ioannis (Yiannis) Rekleitis Autonomous Marine Robotic Exploration
29 mai, 2019 M. Alex O. Vasilescu Representing Cause-and-Effect in a Tensor Framework
24 mai, 2019 Eric Heitz Procedural Stochastic Texturing in Unity
24 mai, 2019 Steven Fraser Agile Innovation: Strategic Company-University Collaborations
22 mai, 2019 Ye Zhao Towards Robust and Intelligent Robot Motions in Unstructured Environments: Planning and Decision-making
21 mai, 2019 Donald Dansereau Robotic Imaging: Teaching Robots to See Through Different Eyes
10 mai, 2019 Karthik Kashinath ClimateNet: Bringing the power of Deep Learning to the climate community via open datasets and architectures
29 mars, 2019 Hugh H.T. Liu UAS Navigation and Control Fire and Water Applications
7 février, 2019 Manfred L. Husty Algebraic Geometry and Robotics - Recent Results and Applications


Date Name Title
23 novembre, 2018 Christian Desrosiers Medical image segmentation: going beyond standard CNNs
6 novembre, 2018 Kenny Erleben Simulators and solvers for fast (and maybe more accurate?) rigid body dynamics with frictional contact
23 cctobre, 2018 Bernard Brogliato Rigid-Body Multiple Contact/Impact Models in Granular Materials
19 octobre, 2018 Kurt S. Anderson Adaptive Multibody Methods Using a Divide and Conquer Framework (with Application to Biopolymers)
24 août, 2018 Vicente Ordonez Overcoming the Next Challenges in Vision and Language Research
4 août, 2018 Paul Zsombor-Murray Geometric Thinking and the Geometry of Conics and Quadrics
25 ma, 2018 Sylvain Baillet Computational approaches for multimodal electrophysiology and imaging
12 avril, 2018 Narges Armanfard Dimensionality Reduction, Classification and Applications in Healthcare
4 avril, 2018 Berk Calli Closing the Loop in Robotic Manipulation with Vision Feedback and Compliance
27 mars, 2018 Aditya Mahajan Sequential Dynamic Teams: State of the Art and Future Directions
23 mars, 2018 Abhinoy Kumar Singh Kalman Filter-Based Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems
22 mars, 2018 Leila Bridgeman Advancing Control Theory to Advance Robotics
12 mars, 2018 Katherine Driggs-Campbell Human-Centered Autonomy: Uncovering Structure in Multi- Agent Systems
22 février, 2018 Yanyan Mu Optical flow estimation by complex factorization over quadrature feature pairs
20 février, 2018 Kei Nakatsuma Arbitrary-shaped and flexible piezoelectric skin sensor based on Sol-gel spraying technique
13 février, 2018 Simon Blackmore Farming with Robots
30 janvier, 2018 Alex Daskalov “A Journey through Blockchains” or How Not to Miss the Forest for the Merkle Trees
26 janvier, 2018 Benjamin Van Roy Deep Exploration via Randomized Value Functions
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