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Winter 2017 deferred/supplemental examination period for Fall 2016 courses in...

01 May 2017
02 May 2017

Deferred and supplemental examination period for Fall 2016 term courses in Arts (including Social Work & Religious Studies), Education, Management (Deferred Exams only), Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Science (including B.

Meditation: The gateway to inner peace and stability

02 May 201712:15

  May 1-7 is Mental Health Week!  Human Resources Health & Wellbeing and Organizational Development are pleased to present 'Meditation: The gateway to inner peace and stability'.

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Killam Seminar: Novel Strategies to Promote Nerve Regeneration

02 May 201716:00

Speaker: Dietmar Fischer, Heinrich-Heine University Host: Alyson Fournier

Pancreatic Cancer: New Breakthroughs For Better Patient Outcomes

02 May 201717:30

The Goodman Cancer Research Centre, Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation, Craig's Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society and the McGill University Hospital Centre are teaming up to offer a free public symposium on new breakthroughs in Pancreatic Cancer.fe

Energy Systems Integration: a multidisciplinary global imperative for a low-carbon society

02 May 201717:30

An obvious path to a low-carbon economy requires a simultaneous increase in the penetration of variable renewable energy sources and an increase in the efficiency of the energy system overall.

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End (2015)

02 May 201719:00

JOIN US for a free screening and discussion of the PBS FRONTLINE film Being Mortal.

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Winter 2017 deferred examination period for Fall 2016 courses in Agricultural…

02 May 201700:00
03 May 201700:00

Deferred examination period for Fall 2016 term courses in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Feed File Submission - April Month End Deadline

03 May 2017

The deadline to submit feed files to Financial Services for fiscal period 12 (transactions dated April 1st -30th) is May 3rd.  

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