Research Administration

Please note that that this Memorandum has been sent to all faculty members, academic and senior leadership as well as to department administrative assistants/officers.


DATE: September 25, 2015

TO: McGill researchers, academic leadership and administration staff

FROM:  Rose Goldstein, Vice-Principal, Research and International Relations, Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance

Classified as: Research Administration, roles, responsibilities
Published on: 5 Oct 2015

[message sent out on the FIS listserv - November 9, 2012]


Rose Goldstein
Michael Di Grappa

Date:  November 6, 2012 

To: McGill Principal Investigators

 Cc:  Prof. Anthony Masi, Deans, Associate Deans of Research

 Subject:   Research Administration and Accountability – Tri-Agency Recommendations


Dear Colleagues,

Classified as: Financial Services, Research Administration, Tri-Agency Recommendations
Published on: 15 Nov 2012