By simply sharing your notes with fellow classmates, you can support other students in achieving their academic goals while also reinforcing your own in-class learning.

Visit the OSD website to sign up as a notetaker. For more information about the program, contact notetaking.osd [at]

Published on: 6 Sep 2019

Jan 28 to Feb 1, 2019 is the first ever Well Week at McGill!

Are you interested in facilitating a healthy living or self-care activity? This is your chance to develop wellness programming for students.

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Published on: 5 Dec 2018

Jan 28 to Feb 1, 2019 is the first ever Well Week at McGill!

The week aims not only to raise awareness around mental health issues but also around all types of wellness, be it mental, physical, emotional, academic, financial, career, spiritual or social.During Well Week, we’ll also celebrate Bell Let’s Talk Day on January 30th to raise funds for mental health initiatives.

We know our students are already finding great ways to look after their own wellness, and we’d like to help you share those experiences with your peers.

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Published on: 27 Nov 2018

All Student Services' units will close at 3:30pm on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018.

Please note, Psychiatric Services will close its doors at 3:30pm, but will honor any appointments scheduled after 3:30pm. If you have an appointment, please wait in the waiting room just outside of Psychiatric Services near the elevators. Your psychiatrist will greet you when it is your turn to be seen.

Published on: 27 Nov 2018

Construction will soon begin on McGill’s new Rossy Student Wellness Hub. The third floor of the Brown Building will be renovated to provide a “one-stop shop” for all of Student Services’ health-related activities.

Student Services is committed to making sure students are kept well informed during the construction of the Hub.

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Published on: 17 Oct 2018

Fitness Access McGill (FAM) supports students with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses or other impairments on campus with accessing physical activity opportunities on McGill’s campus.

FAM provides individuals with an exercise program specifically tailored to their bodies, and with access to adapted exercise equipment at McGill. Exercise activities are done in small group setting, with other FAM participants, with support from an exercise physiologist specialized in adapted physical activity. 

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Published on: 15 Sep 2018

The Disability and Human Rights Series explores compelling issues on disability with a focus on law and policy. Both law and non-law students from all levels and academic backgrounds are welcome to submit.

The ‘Disability and Human Rights’ series welcomes articles, commentaries, podcasts, artwork, photography and other forms of writings and media that deal with the subject of disability.

Published on: 16 Oct 2017

Campus and Space Planning (CSP) and the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) recently commissioned an Accessibity Guide, outlining which buildings are accessible (via entrances, elevators and wheelchairs).

Please access the guide by visiting this link

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Published on: 23 Oct 2012
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