Winning Dobson Cup team on entrepreneurship, plans for the future and head movement as disease indicator


Startup Saccade Analytics was the first place winner of the 2017 McGill Dobson Cup Health Sciences Track. The team’s pitch involved analyzing eye and head movement to help diagnose neural diseases. The team sat down with the Dobson Chronicles to talk about what made them dive into the entrepreneurial life, and eye-head movement as an indicator of disease — including, but not limited to, concussion. The team’s work builds on a foundation laid by team member Professor Mimi Galiana, who is a pioneer in the field. Current testing methods for concussion, for instance, are on the rudimentary side. Now, patients can get a clear image of their condition over time. The Team’s tech will help diagnose over 200 diseases.

Read full article: Dobson Chronicles, April 10, 2017