Towards a More Inclusive Québec Society


Published: 26May2017

Sincere congratulations to Dr. Eva Kehayia and her team for being awarded a grant from the FRQS - the renewal of CRIR and its ranking (exceptional, exceptional and excellent) comes with an increased budget and a supplement, which is over and above the budget from FRQS. Special mention is also made in the document of dr. Philippe Archambault and Dr. Aliki Thomas as Axis and Theme leaders. Dr. Kehayia is also the recipient of a grant to support "Towards a More Inclusive Québec Society" as Co-PI. this project is a major intersectoral research initiative that aims to bring together all the major stakeholders from the rehabilitation and social integration sectors, as well as those from community and municipal life, health sciences, engineering and the information and communication technology sectors. This collaborative effort aims to promote the emergence of innovation, both social and technological, to allow for a more inclusive Québec society.

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