The Sustainability Projects Fund: Green and growing


Founded in 2009, the SPF is a beacon of collaboration between McGill students and administration.

Published November 18 2013 | McGill Reporter
Written by Jaspreet Pannu

That year, students voted to allot a $0.50 per credit fee, which was matched dollar-for-dollar by the administration, to form one of the largest sustainability funds in North America. To date, the SPF has raised some $3 million to finance over 120 unique sustainability initiatives across both McGill campuses.

The radical idea was merely a pilot project for the first three years of its existence. But this past spring, McGill students voted for the renewal of the SPF for another five years. Students of the Post-Graduate Student’s Society voted 65 per cent in favor of renewing the SPF, while undergraduates belonging to the Students’ Society of McGill University voted 88 per cent in favour, and Macdonald Campus Students’ Society, 78 per cent. The McGill administration has also maintained its commitment to the fund, once again providing full matching.

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