Sustainability Innovations in Business Programs

Published: 9 June 2016

Launched in fall of 2014, Desautels’ new programming in Managing for Sustainability was designed for students who wish to combine managerial and business knowledge with a solid understanding of the interlinked economic, social, and ecological challenges of achieving sustainability. It integrates management studies with fundamentals of environmental science and sustainability and is offered in collaboration with its co-designers, the McGill School of Environment and the Department of Geography.

The concentration in managing for sustainability, which is a bundle of five courses, is designed to complement concentrations and majors in traditional management disciplines, better preparing management students for the sustainability challenge confronting contemporary organizations across all sectors. The major in managing for sustainability, which is a bundle of 13 courses, provides a rigorous foundation in the natural and social sciences relevant to sustainability, in addition to management and business. Both the major and concentration encourage students to think about sustainability and business from various angles. Desautels hopes the collaborative, cross-faculty, and cross-sector process used during program design will serve as a model for developing future educational programming at McGill and beyond, thus encouraging integration between academia, policymakers, industry, and community leaders.

Read full article: AACSB, June 6, 2016 

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