Steel Tube of ContemPLAY Pavilion Wins Galvanizing Award


The galvanized steel tube of the ContemPLAY pavilion has won a 2012 Hot-Tip Galvanizing Excellence Award for its galvanizer, Corbec Inc., from the American Galvanizers Association (AGA).  From the citation: “To fabricate the space frame, the choice of galvanized steel tube was made for aesthetic and technical reasons. The galvanization result not only created a soft gray color, it also proved to be the most durable and cost effective process for the project. The color of the wood will turn from natural to a soft gray with time, as the pavilion is exposed to the elements. With age, the galvanized steel and wood will form a common visual structure that espouses the architectural intentions behind the ContemPLAY design.”

To read the citation in full, please visit the AGA webpage.

The pavilion was conceived and produced by instructors Maria Mingallon and Jason Crow, and professional Masters students Hamza Alhbian, Simon Bastien, Justin Boulanger, Evguenia Chevtchenko, Elisa Costa, Nicolas Demers-Stoddart, Andrew Hruby, Olga Karpova, Shelley Ludman, Diandra Maselli, Courtney Posel, Dina Safonova, Dieter Toews, and Sophie Wilkin.

For information on the ContemPLAY pavilion, please visit its website.

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