Self-report your suspected H1N1 symptoms

Published: 2 November 2009


If you think you have H1N1, please report your illness and absence from academic activities on Minerva with the H1N1 Self-Reporting Form. For students, this form will be treated as equivalent to a medical note should you need to request an excused absence or an academic accommodation (e.g. a postponed deadline for an assignment or missed test). Once you submit the form, it will be sent to your Faculty Student Affairs Office or the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office (GPSO).

Before submitting the form, use the Quebec Ministry of Health’s decision chart to determine whether you have H1N1 symptoms.

In addition to submitting the form, contact your instructor(s) and/or supervisor if you need to make special arrangements regarding missed classes, tests, assignments, or other academic work.

If you miss a substantial amount of coursework and/or evaluations, or have questions about how this applies to you, consult a faculty advisor or your graduate supervisor.

An H1N1 Self-Reporting Form is valid for absences of up to nine calendar days for class work and most other academic activities, and up to seven calendar days for field courses, practica, and placements. You will require a medical note for any absence beyond these allowances, as generally you should be able to return to normal activities within 7 days after the onset of symptoms.

If your condition worsens or persists longer than 7 days, seek medical care.

If you choose to stay home to care for someone with flu-like symptoms, this accommodation will not apply to you.

Faculty and Staff:

The self-reporting form is for use by students and academic staff. If you are a member of the administrative and support or trades and believe you have H1N1, contact your supervisor, as you would for any other absence. For more information, see the Work Absence FAQ.

We are asking all academic staff to voluntarily self-report if they come down with the flu. The reporting can be done on Minerva, and the information will help us track and report the estimated number of cases at McGill; of course, such reporting will involve only aggregated data.


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