School of Architecture professional program highlighted in Spacing


The undergraduate and graduate programs at the School have been highlighted by Spacing magazine (Fall 2013) as producing top graduates.  The Toronto-based publication surveyed more than 120 “professional city builders” on the abilities of graduates in Urban Planning, Architecture and Architectural Studies, and Landscape and Environmental Design. The citations for McGill read as follows:

Undergraduate: “Faculty availability, studio space, and other resources are rated best-in-class.  Graduates carry a good reputation when it comes to design and building science.”

Graduate: “McGill’s course offerings tend to revolve around either housing or sustainable design.  McGill students have won many high profile awards recently, including the Chicago-based Burnham Prize, the Phyllis Lambert Prize, and the top five prizes at the 18th inter-university Charrette.”

Other architecture programs cited in the undergraduate category were Waterloo, Carleton, and Ryerson.  Graduate programs listed alongside us are Toronto, Waterloo, and UBC.

The issue also praises the “Making Megaprojects Work for Communities” course in the School of Urban Planning and includes an interview with Prof. Annmarie Adams about the role of Montreal in the McGill curriculum and new trends in architectural education.