Saving trees saves money at DAR

Published: 6 April 2011

There is a common misconception that the problem with adopting sustainable work practices is they are both expensive and inconvenient. The people at Development and Alumni Relations (DAR) would gladly tell you otherwise.

Of the approximately 215,000 McGill alumni scattered around the world, DAR has contact information for about 145,000. And contact them, DAR does. In its effort to maintain, nurture and build relationships with University friends, alumni and donors, DAR traditionally would do hundreds of thousands of mailings a year – magazines, newsletters, reports and a myriad of printed information about comprehensive campaigns and fundraising initiatives. The McGill News alone had 180,000 copies printed and shipped to alumni four times a year. “I can’t even guess at the number of trees that were used in all our printed material back then,” said Derek Cassoff, DAR’s Director of Strategic Communications.

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