Renovations: Replacement of Redpath Curtain Wall Windows


Published: 3Dec2014

Originally published: August 6, 2014

Revised: December 11, 2014 

Project description:

The curtain wall is a two-storey set of windows on the east side of the Redpath Library Building. It was installed in 1952 and is nearing the end of its useful life. Replacing the curtain wall will prevent water infiltration. This renovation work consists of replacing the curtain wall of windows, a small section of flat roof, and the masonry surrounding the curtain wall. The project involves the removal of asbestos/contaminants in the areas surrounding the windows. The affected area will be completely wrapped, sealed off and inaccessible to ensure that staff and students are not exposed. Contractors will follow all the asbestos removal regulations as per the CSST standards. Precautions will be put into place during the work to protect the new McLennan-Redpath Terrace, and to separate the activities of the site from passersby. At no time will pedestrian circulation be prevented on the McLennan-Redpath Terrace.


August 5 to end of August

  • Setup and preparation
  • Build internal and external wall, set up scaffolding

End of August to the end of September

  • Deconstruct existing window
  • Asbestos/contaminant abatement

End September – mid January/Early February 2015

  • Install new, prefabricated windows and surrounds
  • Remove interior walls
  • Prepare space and final checks for handover

Impact on students and staff

  • Seating will be available in the southern half of the "Fishbowl".
  • The north half of the "Fishbowl" will be inaccessible to students and staff.
  • Construction noise will occur at different times throughout the project.
  • The upper floors of Redpath, the main floor hallway, group study zones and Cyberthèque remain fully accessible. - If additional heating is required, portable heating units will be installed. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for special renovation alerts and updates. Every effort will be made to complete the project with minimum disruption to students, staff and services. Questions? Please contact Francisco Oliva via email at reno [dot] library [at] mcgill [dot] ca.
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