Prof. Charles Gale, Humboldt Research Award


Congratulations to Dr. Charles Gale, James McGill Professor in the Department of Physics, for winning a Humboldt Research Award!

Valued at 60,000 EUR, this award is granted by Germany's Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung/Foundation in recognition of a researcher's entire achievements to date. The award recognizes scholars whose fundamental discoveries, new theories, or insights have had a significant impact on their own discipline and who are expected to continue producing cutting-edge achievements in the future.

Professor Gale is renowned for his outstanding contributions to theoretical nuclear physics, and to the theory of heavy-ion collisions at relativistic energies. He pioneered the study of electromagnetic (photons and dileptons) radiation from the hot and dense strong interacting matter that is formed in such relativistic nuclear collisions. Ongoing experiments at the CERN LHC (the Large Hadron Collider) and at RHIC (the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Laboratory) now rely on this unique channel and on its tomographic properties.