Principal’s message re convocation changes


Dear members of the McGill community,

I write having heard from a number of students and parents about our decision to move the downtown Convocation ceremonies off campus. Not surprisingly, some people are disappointed that they will not be able to experience Convocation on our beautiful downtown campus. This is an historic tradition of longstanding that I reintroduced nine years ago, for our springtime convocations. The campus represents the heart of our downtown McGill community and a most fitting place to hold these special ceremonies.  I understand and share your disappointment.

This was a difficult decision, and one we did not make lightly. The decision to move the ceremonies was made after engaging a measured assessment of the need, first and foremost, to ensure that we have safe, uninterrupted ceremonies.  We have heard from many that they support and are relieved by the decision.

Nonetheless, I understand and am sorry that others are disappointed. Our hard-working Convocation team is doing their best to bring that McGill magic to the new venues, a magic that is virtually ensured by the important purpose of the ceremonies, the joy of the occasion and the pride we all experience in the achievements of our graduates.

I invite graduating students, their families and other guests to take the opportunity to visit the downtown campus during this Convocation season, to take photos of our graduates in cap and gown and to enjoy the beauty of our University at this special time of year.  We all look forward to welcoming you warmly.

My very best wishes to all of our graduating students, as well as to each of you who have supported our students in their journey,

Heather Munroe-Blum
Principal and Vice-Chancellor, McGill University
May 30th, 2012