Position Funding Control

Published: 24 March 2010


Effective April 1, 2010 we are introducing a new funding control process to be applied to all new positions created, or vacant positions that need to be filled, within the administrative and support groups.

This new control will require a teamwork approach between a unit’s financial officer and HR advisor and will work as follows: prior to submitting a request for new position or to fill a vacant position, the HR advisor of a faculty or direct service unit is expected to speak with the hiring manager to validate the need to fill the requested position.

HR Central will work with HR advisors on campus to ensure that they examine alternatives before automatically filling vacant positions. The HR advisor must then obtain confirmation from the financial officer, who will earmark the necessary funding (permanent budgets are required for permanent positions, temporary budgets are acceptable for one-time or short term positions). Once HR Central has validated the request, they will advise The Office of the Budget, prior to the posting of the position, at which time The Office of the Budget will promptly validate the availability of funds by checking the FOAPAL provided by the hiring unit. For MUNACA positions, you must earmark 12% above the minimum of the scale and for M positions you must earmark budget at the midpoint of the scale. Benefit and annual salary policy costs must also be factored in for self-financing funds. Should funding not exist or be materially insufficient, the financial officer will be asked to remedy.

Failing that, the posting will be pulled or put on hold.

These new controls will apply to all Unrestricted funds, except Research Start up (1F) funds, to Endowment (both restricted and unrestricted) funds, as well as, to Plant funds.

Contact your Office of the Budget administrator for more information.


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