Not-so-secret intelligence: The tapping of central banks


Whereas countries’ Secret Intelligence Services tapping one anothers’ politicians, armies and companies has not been a secret, it is sometimes tough to assess if accusations are true or false, and, at other times, recognize with delay what previously not-spied-on institutions  would suddenly be subject to intelligence gathering – Central Banks, for example, as I show below.

Rarely though, as is the case of the Count de Marenches, who was the head of French Intelligence Services for unprecedented eleven years, surprising revelations can be found.  Below I discuss just two from his 1992 memoirs as they both appear to be particularly relevant now.  One concerns the last minute flare-up between Washington’s soon-to- be- history administration and Moscow, and the second implications of what he discloses about spying on Central Banks during his tenure.

Read full article: Asia Times, January 1, 2017