McGill Reporter Interviews ECP's Dr. Susanne Lajoie


The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology's Dr. Susanne Lajoie, Professor and Canadian Research Chair, was interviewed in the McGill Reporter for her research on LEADS (Learning Environments across Disciplines) to use technology as a source of enhancing the way students learn.

"It’s not the technology itself that interests her so much as how it can be used to help support the learning process. 'Far too often, sweeping statements are made about how technology can lead to improvements in classrooms and learning in general,' says Lajoie.'To my mind technology is a tool, a means to an end. It can be designed to amplify, extend and enhance what learners know and understand. But only by introducing new cognitive learning tools into real learning situations and studying how individuals learn through them can we know how to improve their design.'”

To read the full article, please visit McGill Reporter - "Developing and assessing teaching tools for a techie generation"