McGill Experts: Bouchard-Taylor report released today


The debate begins. The Consultation Commission on Accommodation Practices Related to Cultural Differences in Quebec Society that examined the issue of reasonable accommodation of immigrants within Quebec submitted its final report to the Quebec government on Monday. And heated public debate about the commission’s findings, spurred by early news stories, has already begun.

Commission co-chairs Charles Taylor, a McGill philosophy professor, and sociologist Gérard Bouchard will hold a news conference in Montreal on Thursday, May 22 to give details of the long-awaited report. We suggest the following sources for your continuing coverage of this important story:

Dan Cere
Title: Professor, Department of Religious Studies; Conference
Expertise: Marriage and family ethics.
Contacts: 514-398-4195
daniel.cere [at]

Antonia Maioni
Title: Professor, Department of Political Science, Director, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada
Expertise: Provincial politics; Quebec politics; political parties; Canadian political process
Contacts: 1-450-242-2908
antonia.maioni [at]
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Shaheen Shariff
Title: Professor, Faculty of Education, Department of Integrated Studies in Education
Expertise: Human rights; legal pluralism; constitutional and tort law; secularism; religion; competing rights/values in schools.
Contacts: 514-398-5396
shaheen.shariff [at]

Jacob Levy
Title: Professor, Department of Political Science
Expertise: Contemporary political theory; liberalism; multiculturalism and nationalism; and questions involving the status and rights of intermediate groups including associations; indigenous peoples; linguistic minorities and religious bodies.
Contacts: 514-398-5519
jacob.levy [at]

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